Order Process & Payment Transaction

  1. Loot4Leet acts as a mediator for various choice sellers
  2. and presents the best consumer possibilities on www.loot4leet.com (Criteria: price and delivery time)
  3. The buyer informs Loot4Leet run of his desired product by way of an order placed
  4. and pays PEC Trading Ltd.
  5. Loot4Leet forwards the customer’s desire to the sellers
  6. The sellers deliver the wares to the customers, during which time Loot4Leet is available for inquiries concerning the transaction
  7. Loot4Leet pays the seller the received money

Loot4Leet would like to point out that an order can be split into reasonable amounts between different suppliers to ensure quickest possible delivery times.

Withdrawal of an Order
A desired cancelation of an order before delivery is forwarded to the sellers. Once delivered, no cancelation is possible.

Terms and Conditions
Standard terms and conditions apply concerning orders.

Loot4Leet GmbH cannot be held responsible for losses arising from an order that were caused by the producers of the game. In these cases, the customer is advised to contact the producers of the game directly.

Quality Inspection
Loot4Leet regularly monitors deliveries to insure that all orders are delivered completely. Sellers who are not serious about their work will no longer be considered for orders during future mediations.

Reimbursement of money already paid
If, for some reason, we are unable to find a seller quickly enough for your order, you always have the option of canceling the order and getting a refund from Loot4Leet. Otherwise, we will simply continue to search for a seller till we have found one.

Customer and Account information
All customer and account information given to Loot4Leet is strictly confidential! Your account information will never be handed out to the sellers.